International Cooperation

01 International Market

We are the exclusive agent for a variety of APIs around the world, and have the full self-supplying capacity for the upstream raw materials of the products, with the process and technology that are ahead of the competitors in the industry.

We have a robust international business development team, which is familiar with the business operations of the international market and has the experience in successfully operating products.

We are familiar with the laws, regulations and operational procedures related to product registration in the international market, and could assist dealers to or independently complete the product registration work in the local area.

02 Domestic Market

We are the exclusive agent for a variety of APIs in the domestic market and have the experience in successfully operating in the market. The market share of the single API currently operated has exceeded 60%, and it accounts for more than 80% of quality customers.
We have a well-established domestic marketing team with strong capabilities in market planning, customer development, after-sales service and customer service, and enjoy a good reputation and image in the domestic market.
We have a well-established market network and extensive downstream customer resources, and have established business cooperation with many large domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers and maintain a good cooperative relationship with them.
We hold the pharmaceutical business license issued by the State Drug Administration and have a Good Supply Practice (GSP) certificate. We have a GSP-certified warehouse of 3,000 square meters and other warehouses of more than 1,000 square meters. These make us distinctive among the international trade companies.

Mission: We are committed to the mutual exchange and advantage complement of APIs between China and the international market, in order to keep consistent with the trend of extensive global procurement, and to strive to serve as a bridge in this process.

03 Related Services and Information Consultation

We could provide legal and regulatory documents and operational procedures for registration of products in China, and keep it up to date;
We could independently complete the registration of overseas products in China and provide full service;
We could assist in the registration of products made in China abroad, independently provide all the materials required by the foreign market and provide the necessary on-site verification work.
We could provide other related market information and consulting services.

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